Sunday, March 06, 2011

I did not die.....

I am actually feeling so much better and have missed blogging.  I was about to put a new post or two up last week when my dad went in to the ICU at the hospital and my mom needed me.  So my little girl and I flew off to California to be with them for a week.  My dad is doing so much better now and might even come home today or tomorrow.  It has been a miracle....
   Anyways so when I am back home and life back to some-what normal I will see if I remember how to cook and share that with you. Thanks for your patience and all your well wishes... Only  a few more weeks and I find out the sex!!!


  1. So glad your dad is doing better, you must feel so much better

  2. It is good to hear that your dad is doing better!!

  3. Good to hear your Dad is better! And glad your feeling better! Excited to see more recipes too : )


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