Friday, November 12, 2010

not so green, green smoothie

    Sorry I have been M-I-A for the past couple days between being in California away from my computer I have been sick, so sick laying on my moms couch doing nothing.   But, we are home now, and life must go on.
   I never get sick, yes hardly ever.  I am now, and I think either it is to help me feel compassion on those who are sick more often, like my poor husband,  or because last week my husband, friend and exchange student Rina were all sick and I kept thinking I am so glad this doesn't happen to me I must be healthy or because I was gone all last week with out my BLENDER and I did not drink this smoothie.  It was probably a mix of all three.
  This morning first on my priority list was to make my smoothie.   You can make green smoothies with out a fancy blender but once I went smooth it is hard to go back.  I am really in love with these.  This is what I have every morning for breakfast.
  Many people do not know what a  green smoothie is but it is simple just 40% greens and 60% fruit.  You do not taste the greens at all.   This is the best way to eat greens as well because it breaks down the nutrients much better than us chewing.  I choose not to put in any fruit juice or yogurt or anything like that because of the extra sugar, it may take a little getting used to it you are used to a very sweet fruity smoothie.  My kids both love them.  One morning I forgot to make extra for them and they both cried until I gave them some.  They just think it is a sweet drink not that I am sneaking a few servings of fruits and vegetables.  I also add  ground flax seed, you do not taste it at all but it adds more fiber and omega 3's.  Enough about the smoothie, now lets make it.

You can really add any type of green you like (mustard greens are way to strong do not even think about it) and any type of fruit.  This is my line up:
My staple smoothie   printer friendly recipe
 2 huge handfuls of greens I usually use spinach but, I try and mix it up a bit with kale and romaine too about 2-4 cups depending on my choice kale is a little stronger I do not use as much
1-2 cups liquid, I use filtered water (depending how thick you like it)
1 large banana. This really mellows the flavor of greens
3T ground flax seed
1 1/2 cups frozen berries (  I love this triple berry mix blueberries blackberries and raspberries)
1 cup other fruit today I used frozen peaches I love a handful of grapes too they make it so sweet
1 large carrot. This also really sweetens the drink up.
If it is still to bit try using some apple juice as your liquid or adding a squirt of honey.
 Also for a protein boost add protein powder I should do this more but Parker is allergic to both soy and whey protein so I am two lazy to make separate batches. I have also experienced with silken soft tofu for protein it was good it takes like nothing .

 I forgot to show my banana.  I am sure you have seen one before, imagine it there.
pile it in.  The order matters, liquid then softer things then frozen on top

 I didn't have my carrot ready in time, but it is not too late to add it.

pour unto glass and bottoms up

my kids love them!

If you do not use frozen berries then you will also want to add ice at the end.  If it is not blending well and getting stuck add more liquid.   I use a Blendtec blender I absolutely adore it. I had a vita-mix before and I used them side by side I chose the blendtec, but both were great.  Now I understand you all might not have this blender, before you add it to your Christmas list try yours out it will probably do a fine job.  The main difference is your blender will not break down all the little seeds from the berries,  not a big deal. A note from my reader was a tip if you are using a  less powerful blender to do the greens and water separate and liquefy that then add other fruits.  Just blend it as good amount it make it smooth as possible.


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I've been wondering what exactly is in these green smoothies. I find it so hard to believe that that combination tastes good, but I'm just going to have to take your word for it and give it a try. Do you ever add protein powder? I would love to have a protein shake to drink during the day that actually tastes good. And do you peel the carrot?

  2. I have a really crappy blender and there are a few secrets to success that I thought I should share. Don't use anything, but spinach for you smoothie because it will be chunky. Also, blend the spinach and water first and then add the rest of the stuff. If you don't do those things first you will get a nice stringy smoothie and will never try this again.

  3. Looks delicious! Did you use a vitamix? A great protein powder with no added sugar is NutriBiotics Rice Protein Powder. It comes in vanilla, organic vanilla, chocolate, and mixed berry. All flavors are sugar-free, vegan, and common allergen-free. Then you just get to make one batch for all of you!

  4. Thank undejl,
    I used a blender for my smoothie, but I have never heard of that protein powder. it sounds great and something my son could eat. where do you buy it at? is it a specialty store?


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