Monday, January 03, 2011

New Years Resolutions......

   What is the top term googled for past few days?  How to loose weight or eating healthy.....  everyone has one thing on their mind these days after the Holidays,  shedding the weight they put on and turning new leafs and eating healthier.  (disclaimer I really have no idea what the top google term searched for is.  That is my husbands department, I would ask him how to look it up but I would probably be laughed at because that is common knowledge...  But I bet it is up there... :)

    Here are some of my healthy tips.   This is not  some scientific research, but it is  what has worked for me and what I have learned through reading.

The biggest thing was cutting out sweets.  As much as I hate to say it sugar is one of the things that really needs to be consumed less of.

  The first thing to do today throw away the rest of the Christmas candy and goodies.  Just open the trash throw them in and never look back...  you will be okay...

   Every time you feel the hankering for sweets take a drink of water.  It is amazing it really works. After I drink the water the craving is gone and the extra water is good for you too.  Or have a piece of fruit.

Cut out all drinks besides water.   Especially fruit juice and soda.  There is so much extra sugar and calories. In the case of fruit juice you get the fruit, but minus the fiber from the fruit.  That is one of the best parts for you.  If you drink juice it can be a whole juice that you make yourself.

I make a salad at every meal and have it as my main course everything else is a side item.

Cut out white flour.  I use 100% whole wheat  pasta and bread.  Also always brown rice.
I do make dessert once a week and indulge if not life just isn't as fun....  moderation in all things.

 Plan my menu every week.  It is is planned and prepped and in the  fridge that means on Tuesday after scouts and piano at 6pm I am not running through  a drive thru or pick up take out.  So many less calories if we cook ourselves.

Those are my main secrets and I think they really work.  Give it a try  you will have so much more nutrition in your diet and feel better too.

  This year I do want to eat even healthier and share those recipes with you too, we will still have our share of butter and chocolate involved, but learn to make tasty dishes that are good for us too.  Happy New year Everyone!!!

Are there any guilty pleasure recipes you would like to be seen made lighter ? Let me know I am taking requests.

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  1. I like those ideas I'm totally going to try them also I want to start making your smoothies every morning too! K so how can I make a donut healthy? just kidding!I think I want more dishes that are mainly vegies without things like cream or mayo in it.


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