Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Molten Chocolate Cake

Alrighty, so the restaurant Chili's has the amazing Chocolate Molten Cake. Remember--that's the cake that is chocolate cake with a lava flow of hot fudge in the center, and then a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and the hard shell chocolate sauce on the ice cream and over the cake.

Needless to say---It is sooooooo good!

But how can you make it at home?
I found a few ideas online and this is what I put together
one chocolate cake ( I made mine from a box of devils food and made it into cupcakes. if you had a Texas size cupcake holders it would be better, but regular muffin size is good too.
1 jar of hot fudge ice cream topping (warm in microwave. watch carefully though because it can go all over and hence the mess on my face a few posts earlier.
vanilla ice cream
chocolate sauce. you can buy magic shell or make it by taking chocolate chips (1 bag) with 3 tablespoons of butter over a double boiler. Melt until smooth.

After cakes have cooled, cut a hole in the top and fill with fudge sauce until it is up to the top. Around a tablespoon.
after filling each cake. Place in freezer, for at least 2 hours

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