Thursday, July 08, 2010

a new food chapter in my life

I have turned over a new leaf.. well actually lots of leaves I have eaten more spinach before than ever! I have started eating very nutrient rich foods. I am following the EAT TO LIVE plan by Dr. Joel Fuhrman's. "His diet is not about willpower, it is about knowledge. Eat to Live offers a healthy, effective, and scientifically proven Six-Week Plan for shedding a radical amount of weight quickly. The key to the program's success is simple: health = nutrients: calories When the ratio of nutrients to calories in the food you eat is high, fat melts away. The more nutrient-dense food you consume, the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories and the less you will crave fat and high-calorie foods. Eat to Live will help you live longer, reduce your need for medications, and improve your overall health dramatically. It is a book that will change the way you want to eat. Most of all, though, Eat to Live will enable you to lose more weight than you ever thought possible."

It is very interesting if interested here is the link to his site and the site to buy the books

So most of my new posts will probably be on the new foods I am trying an that I like.

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