Thursday, May 06, 2010

strawberry shortcake with pineapple whip.

this recipe
I found this recipe on family favorite recipes the other day and decided I had to try it. It would be perfect this weekend for mothers day. I tried it last week on some friends who came into town. HE said "it is ok.... if you love Delicious Food!" haha
I have been snaking with strawberries this week with the left over whip. Give it a try.

Below are the original directions:
This is a great, light dessert. It is very summery and easy to take on picnics! If you are feeling REALLY lazy, just buy a pre-prepared angel food cake at your local grocery store and prepare the whip just before serving.

1 box angel food cake, prepared in bundt pan
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 Tbsp. powdered sugar
1 (15oz) can crushed pineapple
1 small box vanilla pudding mix
strawberries, sliced (or any other fruit you like)

Prepare angel food cake. While cake is baking, whip heavy cream with electric mixer until peaks form. Add vanilla and sugar, then set aside. In a separate bowl, combine crushed pineapple with pudding powder. Stir well. Combine pineapple mixture with whipped cream using a large spoon or spatula until well mixed. You can either frost the entire cake with the pineapple whip or serve on individual plates, topping with the whip.. either way is great. Top with sliced strawberries or any other fresh fruit.

This is how I did it:
I really laughed when she said if you are really lazy you can buy prepared angel food cake. does anyone really make their own? I have done it before, but it too much work, I just buy them. Also I had opted not to do my own cream either. I am sure it would have been delish, but I used light cool whip instead. a little kinder to the waistline.
so my recipe was much simpler and healthier.
I also did not have crushed pineapple so I just took a can of pineapple slices and threw it in my food processor until it was the consistency of crushed. turned out great!
MY recipe
1 can Crushed pineapple
1 box vanilla instant pudding
8 oz cool whip.
Mix pineapple and pudding til mixed then fold in cool whip.

Very simple, put on top of angel food cake slices with sliced strawberries!!!
Easy spring dessert!!

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