Tuesday, December 07, 2010

peanut butter blossoms take 2

Last week I posted these peanut butter blossoms.  A reader of mine and a friend who happens to be a cookie queen.  She makes the best cookies (she actually sells them too)  she gave me this recipe. I thought it was fun and different and so quick and easy. 
 Last night I was taking dinner to a  friend who just had a baby, and with 20 minutes left before I needed to deliver I realized I had no dessert to bring.  I know, I know I have been baking all week, my freezer should be bursting with cookies, but I have to admit i have no idea where they all went, but besides a few crumbs there are gone....  my bursting buttons could point to the problem, but lets ignore that fact... I needed cookies NOW!
   So I whipped these up from start to finished on plates going to her house it was 15 minutes.  That is my kind of Cookie.  and so good too.

this is the same picture as the ones I made before, but they look he same and this time they were out the door too fast to take a picture!

Hershey Kiss Cookies
 Carrie Paternoster
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
¾ cup Peanut Butter
2 cups Bisquick Baking Mix
1 tsp vanilla
1 bag Hershey Kisses
Cream the condensed milk and peanut butter. Then add the Bisquick and vanilla. Mix until combined. Form dough into small balls, about the size of a large olive. Roll dough in a bowl of granulated sugar to coat the whole ball. Then place on baking sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 6 minutes. Then pull out of oven and press a Hershey Kiss in the top of each cookie. Return to oven for 1 more minute and no longer! Cool on pan for about 5 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack . Will take a couple hours for kisses to totally cool off and set up again.
*Tip: Unwrap all of your Hershey Kisses before you put any cookies in the oven. You have to have them all unwrapped and ready to quickly press into the cookies after the 6 minutes
  Thanks Carrie they were a great success.

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